Sunday, June 14, 2009

And we're off...

So here it goes. We’re definitely late to this blogging thing. Sometimes, it almost seems that we are as different as night and day. One of us prefers savory cooking. The other prefers the pleasure of sugary confections. Let's not even mention the fact that one's a college student and other one about to take the Bar exam.

But besides all of our different pursuits and the 700 mile distance that seperates us., we share a common passion in food. Eating it, cooking it, traveling to different parts of the world to find it – we love it all. There are hundreds of talented food writers, food bloggers, and cook book writers out there and none of us think that we can surpass their skills and insight - we just hope to learn from them all. None of us are professionals – so what you will get is just that – an amateur’s perspective on what we’re eating, what we’re cooking and where we’re going. We hope all of you will join us and help us but most of all, enjoy the food.

And in case you were wondering about the name, it stems from the very fact that pigs in a blanket is a treat that seems to combine the best of both us - savory and sweet.

Please excuse for a moment as this post may seem to be a bit confusing seeing as it is the two of us together. Don't worry though, after this, we promise that each post will only be written by one of us at a time.

Anne and Helen

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